Below are presentations we have made to our club, sponsors, School Committee, and Decisions at Every Turn Coalition!  BTB gives updates at each monthly DAET Coalition Meeting but the following are a few of the more formal presentations given.

First Meeting Presentation 2018

School Committee Presentation-3/28/18 (for presenting about our February 2018 South Africa service trip)

Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey Presentation- 9/30/2017 (students and staff presented survey data regarding student substance abuse, mental health, and internet safety)

BTB School Committee Presentation-6/14/17 (for approving April 2018* South Africa service trip) *later changed to February 2018

BTB School Committee Presentation VIDEO – 6/14/17 (begins at 21:00 and ends at 40:40)

Intergenerational Leadership Team: Oral History Project Final Presentation

Inspire Series VIDEO: Cece Doucette

Inspire Series Slideshow: Cece Doucette

BTB Update for DAET-4/11/17 & 5/9/17

CADCA 2017 Presentation: Intermediate Track

BTB Update for DAET-1/10/17

BTB School Committee Presentation-11/9/16 (for granting status as official club at AHS)

BTB First Meeting Intro Presentation-10/5/16

BTB Update for DAET-10/4/16

BTB Update for DAET-9/13/16