Article I – Name

The name of this club shall be Breaking the Barriers or for short, BTB.

Article II – Mission Statement

The mission of Breaking the Barriers is to inspire youth to make healthy choices and give them the qualities to become a leader of today.

Article III – Affiliation

BTB is affiliated with the Decisions At Every Turn Coalition along with all of its community connections and Hammer & Chisel nonprofit.

Article IV – Membership

Full membership will be awarded to students who attend over half the meetings each quarter, earn 5 additional community service hours through the club each semester, and attend at least 2 subcommittee meetings each semester.  Full membership grants the ability to vote on club matters, run for club office, use BTB on applications, and is one of the prerequisites of attending conferences. Membership will be rescinded to those who fail to fulfill these requirements throughout the school year.  It is expected that all members (full or interested) notify a Board member if they are unable to attend a meeting or event. It is also expected that members respond to all online club messages (email or group chat) in an appropriate amount of time. Members must most importantly uphold the five core values of AHS as a representative of this club.

Article V – Officers

All officers are expected to commit to their responsibilities and go above & beyond their duty. Officers will have a rotating schedule for bringing in food to club meetings. All officers are also expected to attend all Decisions at Every Turn Coalition meetings and oversee at least 1 subcommittee.

Co-president – runs meetings, creates agendas, sends out emails/reminders to members, manages community service distribution, organizes all student volunteers for events, coordinates all logistics with adults, thinks of new event/partnership ideas, helps maintain website. (prerequisite: must be a full member of BTB for at least one school year)

Publicist –  makes posters, does promotion, handles publicity opportunities, maintains website, writes morning announcements

Secretary – takes notes during meetings, emails minutes to members, sends meeting reminders to members, updates community service hour & attendance spreadsheets

Founders’ Council – Neha, Haley, Selma, Stephanie, Annabelle: create goals for club & participate in Board Meetings

Treasurer – handles fundraising, keeps track of money, and sets budgets

Article VI – Elections

Elections for positions for the next school year will occur a week before AP exams and before the Senior class of the current school year graduates. All candidates running for an officer position (other than President) must be a full member in good standing for at least one semester.  Candidates for President must be a full member in good standing for at least one school year. All candidates will give a short speech and all full members will be able to vote on the matter. Current officers will be able to run for reelection each year.

Article VII – Meetings

Full-club meetings will be held every other Thursday from 7:45-8:10 am in Ms. Hogan’s room (B115).  The President will announce the next meeting date at each meeting, the Secretary will include it in their minutes, and the President will also send a reminder the day of the meeting.  If possible, dates of meetings will be drawn up in advance and sent to members to help plan schedules. The President or Secretary will notify members if changes of dates, time, or location occur, as soon as possible.

Article VIII – Advisors

By AHS club policy, each club must have a faculty advisor.  BTB expects an advisor to provide a meeting space, do fundraising paperwork, help make connections with administration, and supervise meetings. Along with a teacher advisor, Saumya Sankhavaram (Decisions at Every Turn Coalition Coordinator) will act as a mentor and provide expert insight along with service opportunities.

Article IX – Committees

Board meetings will occur once a month at a time of convenience for all founders & board members to regroup and collaborate to create the vision of the club for the upcoming months. Members will also form subcommittees to plan upcoming events most effectively. Subcommittees will typically meet once a month and will have elected leaders (not board members).

Article X – Community Service

All members, interested or full, will be able to receive community service for their participation at events.

Article XI – Constitutional Amendments

This constitution may be amended if a full member pitches the revision to the Board. If the Board unanimously votes for the revision, the change will be made immediately.  If not, the revision will be sent to BTB full members to vote.  The revision must win by at least a 20% margin to have the change made.